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Doppel Connect LLC is the official creators and copyright holders of Mazematize! Please view our terms of service for rules on your usage of our game Mazematize.


Just released! We bring you Mazematize! Mazematize is a 2021 new free game on the App Store and now on Google Play. This game is made for IOS and Android devices. Rated 5 stars! You can follow the link above to go directly to the App Store or Google Play. You can also visit the App Store or Google Play yourself and simply search Mazematize to download it for free.


Mazematize! Enjoy laughter, competition and rage! Beat the maze master's timed labyrinths, maze morphing effects and ever changing maps before they break apart! Earn rewards!


Immerse and take your mind away into 3D visuals, colorful imagery and brilliant music and sound while using your quick wit to solve ever-changing fun mazes with wild effects.  Great to play and to watch a friend fail or succeed! Best 2021 action maze games. This is a free game available on apple store. Follow the apple store link above to download for free.


Quick Game Concept: Escape the maze master's dimensional timed labyrinths. Solve winding paths, avoid traps, and collect keys before the maze breaks apart. Each maze level increases in difficulty and changes every time you play! Capture the maze master's energy by collecting: coins to become a super orb, gems to earn rewards, and gold keys to unlock bonus rooms. Look out for orbs and levers which may save your life. Beat the maze master's levels to win a trophy full of Mazematize coins! Enjoy 5 game modes: levels, arcade, keys, easy and create. Overall, awesome fun retro arcade style fast action maze game that will challenge your mind while you try to escape.

Full Game Description: Use your intellect to find your way out of the dimensional maze masters timed labyrinths by solving winding paths, and escaping traps and collecting keys before you get destroyed. Choose your challenge from the 5 game mode options in the main menu: levels, arcade, create, keys and easy. 

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